Applications to Brixton Green Fund 

We are looking for applications from organisations, groups or individuals, and we actively encourage a wide range of ideas and initiatives, You application could address any or all of the following; 
  • the maintenance / development of any aspect of the parish environmental amenity,
  • access to, and wider use of such amenity,
  • the promotion of wider understanding about, and/or appreciation of such amenity, 
  • applied environmental science issues with a clear local application. 
Organisations and groups submitting applications should either be based within the parish, or have the focus of their business or activity within the parish. Individual applicants should either live in the parish themselves, or have family ties with current parish residents.

There are no age restrictions, but applications from those below 18 years of age should be counter-signed by a parent, guardian or teacher. In this latter case the parent, guardian or teacher may be asked to act as fund holder.

If you have a good idea why no give Alan a ring on 01752 880957 or 07778278538 to discuss it? 
If you feel you are ready to complete an application form, you can 


download the PDF file, complete it and send it to Alan Powell, South Barn, South Barton, Brixton, PL8 2DF


Fill in the following electronic application and click on "submit".
Brixton Green Fund Application V2.pdf Brixton Green Fund Application V2.pdf
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Fill in the following electronic application and click on "submit". 

Application for Funding

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